Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs In India

Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs In India

There has been an increase in the visibility of top 10 female entrepreneurs in India‘s tech, fashion, biotech, and retail industries, among others. Numerous startup nurturing programs and the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) by NITI Aayog are examples of public and private sector initiatives that seek to assist women entrepreneurs in gaining access to capital, information, and professional networks. Despite advancements, women in India continue to confront significant obstacles as a result of cultural expectations, a lack of financial resources, and a lack of female role models.

Below is a table listing the top 10 female entrepreneurs in India along with their occupations:

Rank Name Occupation
1 Falguni Nayar Founder and CEO of Nykaa, an e-commerce beauty platform
2 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Founder and Chairperson of Biocon Limited, a biopharmaceutical company
3 Vandana Luthra Founder of VLCC, a beauty and wellness conglomerate
4 Richa Kar Co-founder of Zivame, an online lingerie retailer
5 Suchi Mukherjee Founder and CEO of Limeroad, an online marketplace
6 Upasana Taku Co-founder of Mobikwik, a digital payment platform
7 Radhika Ghai Co-founder of ShopClues, an online marketplace
8 Ritu Kumar Fashion designer and founder of the Ritu Kumar fashion brand
9 Aditi Gupta Co-founder of Menstrupedia, an educational platform focused on menstruation awareness
10 Shahnaz Husain Founder of Shahnaz Herbals Inc, a natural cosmetics company

These entrepreneurs have made significant impacts in their respective fields, ranging from e-commerce and digital payments to fashion and healthcare. Their contributions not only advance their industries but also set a powerful example for future generations of women in business.

Here is everything about the  Top 10 female Entrepreneurs in India:

Falguni Nayar

(Born on 19 February, 1963)

The remarkable story of Falguni Nayar’s journey from a successful career in investment banking to the position of founder and chief executive officer of Nykaa, the leading e-commerce platform for beauty and wellness in India, is truly inspiring.

Background in the Finance Industry

One of India’s top business schools, the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, is the place Falguni Nayar earned her degree. She was the Managing Director and Head of the Institutional Equities business of Kotak Mahindra Bank for almost 19 years, among her many other positions there.

Founded Nykaa

After a successful career in investment banking, Falguni Nayar chose to go out on her own in 2012, when she was 50 years old. With the goal of providing Indian consumers with a complete beauty and wellness destination, she established Nykaa.

Business Design and Growth
Falguni used an offline and online strategy together. After establishing itself as an online-only marketplace, Nykaa branched out into physical stores, providing a mixed approach that let consumers try before they buy. Establishing trust and availability required this multichannel approach.

Success and Public Listing

Extensive growth was a direct result of the success of Nykaa’s business model. Falguni Nayar (one of the top 10 female entreprenuer in India)  became the richest self-made female billionaire in India when her company went public in November 2021.

Today, Nykaa continues to expand, innovate, and lead the beauty retail sector in India, driven by Falguni Nayar’s (one of the top 10 female entrepreneurs in India) vision and strategic acumen.

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Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

(Born on March 23, 1953)

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is a well-know Top 10 female entrepreneurs in India  who serves as the chairman and managing director of Biocon Limited, a biotechnology business situated in Bangalore, India. She was born on March 23, 1953, in Bangalore. She studied biology and zoology at Bangalore University before earning a master’s degree in malting and brewing from Ballarat College, Melbourne University.

Mazumdar-Shaw launched Biocon in her Bangalore garage in 1978 with only Rs. 10,000 in creating funding. Initially, the company focused on creating enzymes but eventually expanded into biopharmaceuticals, becoming the first Indian company to receive FDA approval to produce the cholesterol-lowering drug a cholesterol-lowering medicine. Under her leadership, Biocon grew from a tiny enzyme manufacturing business to a fully fledged biopharmaceutical corporation.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has received multiple awards for her services to the biotechnology industry, including the Padma Shri (1989) and the Padma Bhushan (2005), India’s highest civilian decorations. She was designated one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential persons in the world in 2010 and is on Forbes’ list of the world’s 100 most powerful women.

She is also a humanitarian who focuses on health and education. She started the Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation to promote affordable healthcare in India. Her career includes serving on the boards of governors for the Indian School of Business and the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is encouraging many other women entrepreneurs in India and around the world.

Vandana Luthra

Vandana Luthra

(Born on July 12, 1959)

Vandana Luthra is a well-known Indian entrepreneur and the founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd., a beauty and wellness company with operations in Asia, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and Africa. She was born on July 12, 1959, in New Delhi and has played a significant role in the transformation of India’s beauty and wellness business. Luthra attended the Polytechnic for Women in New Delhi and continued her study in cosmetics and nutrition in Germany. This schooling created the groundwork for her to found VLCC in 1989, which beganwith beauty and slimming services but has since grown into a significant brand offering a wide range of wellness services.

Luthra’s journey began when there were few female entrepreneurs in India, and she faced a lot of misunderstanding and criticism. Despite these hurdles, her scientific and clinical approach to beauty and wellness services, which often included collaboration with medical professionals, contributed to VLCC’s authority and success. VLCC currently operates in over 326 locations in 153 cities in 13 countries, employing around 4,000 workers.

Aside from her financial achievements, Vandana Luthra has received many awards, including the coveted Padma Shri in 2013 for her contributions to trade and industry. She has also been named to Fortune’s list of the Top 10 Women Entreprenuers in India and Forbes Asia’s list of 50 Power Businesswomen in APAC.

Richa Kar

Richa Kar

(Born on 17 July,1980)

Richa Kar is in the list of top 10 female entrepreneurs in India  best known for being the creator and former CEO of Zivame, India’s top online lingerie shop. Richa was born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. She received her engineering degree from BITS Pilani and later obtained a Master’s degree from the Narsee Monji Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) in 2007.

Richa established Zivame in 2011 with the goal of improving India’s lingerie buying experience. The name Zivame, derived from the Hebrew word ‘ziva’ meaning excellence, shows her desire to provide a classy and comfortable shopping experience for ladies. Richa’s venture took the lead in offering a space for women to find lingerie that fit well without feeling self-conscious‐

Richa’s leadership at Zivame was marked by innovative e-commerce and consumer engagement strategies, which had a huge impact on the Indian online lingerie sector.

Despite initial opposition due to the strict mindset of her traditional family background, Richa’s determination pushed Zivame to great success. The company received significant venture capital investment, which supported its growth and expansion.

Richa Kar is also recognized for her commitment to health and wellbeing, which she frequently shares on social media, including her love of vegan food and yoga.

Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi Mukherjee

(Born in 1973)

Suchi Mukherjee is one of the Top 10 female entrepreneurs in India who founded LimeRoad, an online marketplace for clothing and accessories targeted mostly toward women in India. Born in 1973 in Haryana, India, she grew up with a strong psychological background, eventually studying economics at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. She afterwards moved to the United Kingdom to finish her education, graduating with an MSc in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics.

Mukherjee began a career in investment banking and venture capital, working at Lehman Brothers and Virgin Media. She also worked at eBay, where she was involved in major projects that helped the company develop its presence in the UK.

Mukherjee created LimeRoad in 2012, inspired by the notion of building a user-driven network for discovering unusual products and socializing around trade. LimeRoad stands out by providing a community-driven purchasing experience in which users may design their own “look” and collections.

Her e-commerce leadership and vision have earned her many honors, including being named one of India’s most powerful women entrepreneurs. Mukherjee’s path is frequently cited as a successful example of female entrepreneurship and leadership in technology and e-commerce in India.

Upasana Taku

Upasana Taku

(Born in 1982)

Radhika Ghai is One of the top 10 female entrepreneurs in India and one of the co-founders of ShopClues, which is one of India’s leading e-commerce platforms. Born and raised in India, she pursued higher education at the Washington University in St. Louis, where she earned her MBA. Prior to founding ShopClues in 2011, Radhika worked in the United States in various corporate roles, gaining significant experience in marketing, advertising, and sales.

At ShopClues, Radhika held the position of Chief Business Officer and played a crucial role in the company’s strategy and growth.

Her leadership helped ShopClues grow into a major player in the competitive Indian e-commerce market. Radhika is known for her focus on customer-centric innovations and her ability to scale businesses. She is also a strong advocate for women in technology and entrepreneurship, often speaking on these topics at various forums.

Radhika Ghai’s contributions to the industry have been recognized with several awards and honors, emphasizing her influence and success in the e-commerce and business sectors.

(Radhika Ghai Aggarwal)

Radhika Ghai Aggarwal

Radhika Ghai is one of the Top 10 female entrepreneurs in India and co-founder of ShopClues, one of India’s top e-commerce platforms. She was born and grew in India and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with an MBA. Radhika worked in different corporate capacities in the United States before starting ShopClues in 2011, where she gained valuable experience in marketing, advertising, and sales.

Radhika was the Chief Business Officer at ShopClues, where she managed the company’s strategy and growth. Her leadership aided ShopClues’ growth into a key participant in the competitive Indian e-commerce business. Radhika is well-known for her customer-centric innovation and business growth skills. She is also a major champion for women in technology and entrepreneurship, frequently speaking on the subject at numerous conferences.

Radhika Ghai’s services to the industry have been acknowledged with a number of honors and variations, highlighting her influence and achievement in the e-commerce and business sectors.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is a famous Indian fashion designer and one of the Top 10 female entrepreneurs in India who led the restoration of traditional Indian textiles and craftsmanship with contemporary design. Born on November 11, 1944, in Amritsar, India, she has had a significant impact on the Indian fashion business and is regarded as a leader in the bridal couture and prêt-a-porter design sectors.

Kumar began her fashion career in Kolkata in the 1960s, using two small tables and traditional hand block printing techniques. Her work is famous for welcoming India’s rich textile legacy and utilizing traditional crafts such as zardozi, embroidery, and weaving techniques from all over the nation, which not only restored many dying arts but also employed thousands of craftsmen.

Ritu Kumar’s designs stand out by the use of natural fabrics, colorful colors, and detailed embroidery. She has clothed many celebrities, both in India and abroad, and her collections are shown in major fashion capitals throughout the world.

Her services to the fashion and textile industries have been acknowledged with numerous specifics, including the Padma Shri Award in 2013, one of India’s highest civilian honors, for remarkable and distinguished achievement in the fields of fashion, textiles, and handicraft.

Ritu Kumar also has a retail presence with her two brands: ‘Ritu Kumar’, which comprises traditional dress, and ‘Label Ritu Kumar’, which caters to the young urban lady by giving worldwide styles with an Indian soul.

Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta is the co-founder of Menstrupedia, a cultural and educational movement devoted to breaking the taboos around menstruation in India. She began this venture with her husband, Tuhin Paul. Aditi’s journey began when she faced prejudice and lack of information about menstruation as a child in India. This inspired her to use her graphic design degree to generate user-friendly and helpful texts on the issue.

Menstrupedia offers educational tools in the form of a comic book explaining menstruation in a culturally sensitive, engaging, and child-friendly manner. The comic has received high appreciation for its ability to educate young girls, boys, and even adults about menstruation and help them overcome myths and assumptions.

Aditi Gupta’s work with Menstrupedia has been recognized both nationally and internationally, having a substantial impact on the subject of menstrual education. Through Menstrupedia, she has helped to improve menstrual literacy and encourage a more open discourse about period health in communities around the world.

Shanaz Hussain

Shanaz Hussain

Shahnaz Husain, an Indian entrepreneur, is well-known around the world for her herbal cosmetics business. She established the Shahnaz Husain Group in India in the 1970s, which has now expanded to include a diverse line of natural and Ayurvedic skin care, hair care, and cosmetic products. Husain pioneered the organic beauty care trend and is a strong supporter of natural and Ayurvedic goods. She has earned various prizes and recognition for her services to the beauty business, including the Padma Shri, India’s highest civilian award. Her business plan, which is often based on franchising opportunities, has helped her brand extend across continents, making her a well-known personality in the worldwide beauty market.

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